Is this just ESB 2017?

Is this just ESB 2017?
Star Wars "The Last Jedi" seems to have a lot in common with "The Empire Strikes Back" (ESB) from 1980. Bear in mind that we have only the trailer to work with.

But also remember the resemblance between "A New Hope" from 1977 and "The Force Awakens" from 2015. These two movies had more similarities than differences. Which was picked up by even the non-Star Wars fans.

"The Empire Strikes Back" has time and time over been chosen as the best Star Wars movie, but this should not be a carte blanc make an 2017 edition. 
Is this just ESB 2017?
There aren't many proofs of this theory, but the proofs are there:

1. The imperial walkers. This scene looks like a copy-paste from the battle of Hoth.
2. The training of the new Jedi. Like Luke was trained by Yoda, it looks like Rey will be trained by Luke.
3. The confrontation between the hero and the villain. As seen in the last picture, it looks like Rey is confronting the main villain, as seen on Cloud City with Luke and Darth Vader.
4. The dark theme. It has long been stated that this movie would be darker than "The Force Awaken". As was the case with ESB.

I am the only one that thinks Kylo Ren is going to kill Leia? It would make sense, as we lost Carrie Fischer last december.
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