Liars at your door

Liars at your door
Most of us have had visits from Jehovah's Witnesses. They come to your door and fill you with lies and try to manipulate you.

Their tactics are as follows:

They try to convince you that the world is a worse place than ever before. And the end must therefore be near. The only option you have is to convert to their beliefs.
The world is not a worse or more violent place than ever before. In fact, we live the most peaceful time in human history. Yes, we constantly hear about war and hunger, but this is because of the media's focus. A 100 years ago you would never hear about war or hunger on the other side of the world. Today we hear about it via the internet and becuase the media needs to sell us sensations.

They try to convince you that everything in the Bible is factual. Even the most incredible fables.
Ask them if they really believe in everything in the Bible, they would rather avoid talking about talking snakes and donkeys. Even they can see it's too far out. They don't want to talk about this, so they try to change the subject.

They claim to follow the Bible's words, literally. This makes them better candidates for salvation in the sight of God.
If you ask them about the morales of the Bible, you get some extremely vague or unfinished answers. Ask if they hold slaves or if they kill their children swearword. It turns that they don't know everything about their beloved Bible.

Why do they even bother to come to your door? They do it primarily for selfish reasons: Thir own salvation. It may sound nice to think they care about your salvation, but ultimately they are thinking of themself.
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