Pay up Google - The largest fine ever given

Pay up Google - The largest fine ever given
$ 2,700,000,000 in fine. Read that number again. Yes, there are 10 digits in that fine! This is the amount that Google has been fined by the European Trade Comission. 
And the reason for this enormus fine, is that Google have misused their dominant position to subdue competitors in their search algorithms. This means that Google can control whatever market they desire to go into, wich also harms the consumers.

Google was given 90 days to comply, or every day they would be fined up to 5% of their daily turnover, until the fine has been paid.

Google ofcourse do not agree, and hopes to drag it out, with endless cases, courthearings and appeals. They claim that Google provides a usefull service that connects people that trades online, and also provides a large range of usefull products.
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