The #metoo witch hunt

The #metoo witch hunt
the #metoo witch hunt has claimed its latest victim: Kevin Spacey.
There are two elements that we need to know about the Metoo movement:

1. It's necessary 
- And long overdue. For far too long it has been possible, to misuse your power or position to gain sexual favors, or even trying to obtain this. Lot's and lot's of people, primarilly women, have come forward with their stories they were to affraid to share up untill now. Let there be no doubt that this #metoo movement is necessary, and will hopefully make the world a better place. However...
The #metoo witch hunt
2. It's going to drown
- and be obsolete. The problem is, that the #metoo have no guidelines to what a sexual assault is, or how to define it. This means that everyone who has ever approached someone, who thay wanted to have sexual intercourse with, could be seen as a #metoo perpetrator. There seems to be no lower bar for some #metoo "victims".
To make the first move to a portential partner, takes guts. We all know that. This often leads to situations where anyone, who tries to make the first move, make it awkward or even painfully off target. This could very well be the case with Kevin Spacy some 30 years ago.
Combine the fear of rejection and now the fear of being seen as a #metoo perpetrator, this could lead to a lot of people never wanting to make the first move.
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