The numbers that will make you Islamophobic

The numbers that will make you Islamophobic
Okay, here are the scary numbers no one will tell you about. Hold on thight, there are going to be a lot of numbers.

The Nobel Prize is an annual award in six categories: physics, chemistry, medicine, literature, peace and economic sciences. Over the years there have been awarded 579 prizes to 911 persons. No other award comes close to the Nobel Prize in prestige or acknowledgment. This prize is for many scientists the ultimate height of their career.

So whats so scary about the Nobel Prize? Nothing, except when you look at who has received the prize over the years, and who has not received the prize.

If you compare the number of muslim laureates with jewish laureates, you get the numbers no one will show you:

Jewish Nobel Prize winners: 192
Muslim Nobel Prize winners: 12
Result: 17,5 times as many prizes for jews than muslims.

Jewish population: 14,000,000
Muslim population: 1,600,000,000
Result: There are 114 times as many muslims as jews in the world.

Jewish winners per person: 72,917
Muslim winners per person: 133,333,333
Result: Where is takes 73,000 jews to win a Nobel Prize, it takes 133,333,333 Muslims to do the same. This is 1,829 as many muslims as jews.

If the worlds muslim population was as thriving in the sciense fields as jews, and Nobel Prizes were awarded by number of populations, then muslims would not have merely 12 Nobel Prizes, but 21,940!!
The numbers that will make you Islamophobic
But it gets even worse when we look at what categories have been won. In my personal oppinion the prize in literature is not as important as chemestry or medicine. Nor is peace prize as important, and is has been of much controversy. 

This leaves us with these categories: physics, chemistry, medicine, and economic sciences.

The muslim laureates in literature is 2 and peace is 7. This leaves 3 laureates in total (chemestry 2 and physics 1).
While the jews are down to 171: physics 50, chemistry 31, medicine 60 and economic sciences 30.

3 vs 171...

This makes the numbers much worse for the muslims. Where it before took 133,333,333 muslims to get a Nobel Prize, that number is now 533,333,333.

Roughly speaking this means that for every 81,871 jews we can expect an Nobel Prize. But it take over half a billion muslims to do the same.

Don't believe the numbers? Look them up and do the math yourself.

What would the world look like, if the muslim world were as advanced as their jewish counterparts?
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