Why haven't they made this movie?

Why haven't they made this movie?
Now and then we wonder, why havn't they made a movie about this? Here in my first segemnt of this subject, Ill take a look at one of the most obvious movie ideas.

In 1986 the movie Aliens came out. As a sequal to the movie Alien, this one had an S in the ending, make the title plural. And we weren't dissapointed. Instead of a single alien monster as in the first movie, we got a wholo army of aliens. And it was awsome!

This movie begins when the colony Hadley's Hope isn't heard from, and they decide to send a squad of marine troopers to investigate the matter. What follows is a desperate battle for life against the hordes of aliens. And one of the best sequals ever made.
Loving this movie so much, and knowing how populair it still is, why havn't they made a prequel showing what went on at the colony Hadley's Hope, before the marines arrive?

We know that the colonists had a tough time against the aliens, and major battles were fought. And only a little girl named Newt survies this onslaught.

We have already seen some footage from Hadley's Hope. This footage was cuted from the original movie. It shows how Newts father was patient zero, when he got attacked by a facehugger. It also shows the daily life of the colony.
Why haven't they made this movie?
There have later been other Alien movies, and Predator movies, with not as much success as Aliens. It seems they are determaned to making these movies from the same template, not willing to try something new again.
The latests alien movie, Alien Covenant, was pure trash, and does not deserve the to be part of the Alien franchice.

With Hadleys Hope they are sitting on a great story, that's just waiting to be told. So come on Warner Brothers, or who ever owns the franchie rights, make this movie!!
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