Why there won't be a war with North Korea

Why there won't be a war with North Korea
Will there be a war between North Korea and USA and South Korea?

The short answer is no. And here is 3 reasons why:


In order for Kim Jung Un to stay in power he need to show his people, that he protecs them from the evil capitalist USA. If there is nothing or no one who is a threat to North Korea, then there is no need to a firm dictator like Kim Jung Un. This is also why the population is kept in complete isolation from the rest of the world. They may not hear what is actually going on, on the other side of the border.

The North Korean regime is build around a strong military. In order to make any "sense" too keep the population to keep the military so strong, he need to present an outside threat. This is where Trump make an ideal enemy for North Korea. Trump knows how to say the just the "right" things, that the North Korean regime can use in its propaganda.


This is far from the first time that we have seen an escalation of the conflict. Every now an then North Korea provokes for different reasons:
1. To get an reaction from their enemy, like Trump threatens North Korea with war or worse.
2. To get humanitarian help. Even the North Korean leaders know that communism dosn't work. That is why the people are starving. In order to keep an revolt down, they need help in the order of food and basic needs.


The weapon lobby in the USA is a major player. And a conflict is a perfect reason to increase the defense budget. We have just recently seen a new huge increase in the US defense budget.
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