passengers movie review

passengers movie review
What would you do if woke up 90 years too early and before all others? 
You are on a 120 year space journey with 5000 other colonists. And something goes wrong and you wake up way to early.

Simple plot
This is the simple plot of the entire movie Passengers. With such a simple plot, it could easily go wrong. But let me reveal that it works. And it works very well. Just like the simple plot worked in Mad Max.

What to do
The main charecter Jim finds himself in this situation. First he tries to back in to hibernation, but finds it impossible. Then he tries to wake up the crew, but neither this is possible. When he tries to call Earth for assistance, he is stunned when is realizes that an answer can reach him in aprox 55 years.
There he is, stranded on a luxury spaceship with all the time in universe, well knowing that he isn't going to live another 90 years.
passengers movie review
After a year of lonelyness, and the only one to talk to is a bartender robot, he decides to wake up another passenger. He has two choices: 1 become insane and suicide 2 find someone to share the rest of life with. With carefull considereation he decides to got with option 2.

Without spoiling too much of the movie, all I can say is See it! If you like movies, where the main charecters decisions could be your own, movies that presents morally dilemas, and sci-fi movies, this is a movie for you.

I give the movie Passengers 5/7 stars. 
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