Wordister terms of use

1. Content 1a) It is not allowed to promote or contain sexually explicit materials. 1b) It is not allowed to promote violence or contain violent materials. 1c) It is not allowed to promote or contain libelous or defamatory materials. 1d) It is not allowed to promote discrimination, or employ discriminatory practices, based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age. 1e) It is not allowed to promote or undertake illegal activities. 1f) It is not allowed to otherwise violate intellectual property rights or otherwise violate intellectual property rights. 1g) If any of 1a) - 1g) are violated, we will suspend your account. We do not guarantee any warnings, and in some cases the account will be suspended instantly. 1h) All content must be in English. 1i) Linking or endorsing any competitors of this site can result in suspending of your account. 1j) Wordister cannot be held responsible for content of any sort. 1k) Wordister cannot be held responsible for loss of content. 2. Account name 2a) Account names must be in letters a-z only, and with no spaces. 2b) Account names are first takes. 3. Earnings 3a) Wordister use ylliX as for ads. Any terms given by ylliX must be met. 3b) Wordister is not responsible for anything regarding your ylliX account. 3c) All questions on your ylliX account should be targeted ylliX. 3d) The number of visitors tracked by Wordister and ylliX, may vary. We are not responsible for any other third party visitor tracking. 3e) Visitors using Adblock software can have a negative effect on your earnings. We are not responsible for anything regarding this. 3f) It is not allowed to cheat in any way on the amount of visitors. Any violations can result in suspension of your page. 3g) Any way of encouraging your visitors to click your adds is illegal. 3h) Any misuse of your ylliX on Wordister, such as entering wrong inputs, may result in Wordister taking over your ylliX ads or banning them all together. 3i) To earn money, users must register with ylliX. Wordister is not responsible for anything regarding yllix. 4. Images 4a) Upon agreeing to these Terms of use, you hereby declare that all the images you upload rightfully belongs to you, and you have the full copyright and free use of the images. No images which you do not have the copyright use for are allowed, and you will be held accountable. 4b) Any images containing sexual, violence, racist, discriminatory and the like, will be deleted. And may result in closing your account, and banning your email. 4c) Text on images must be in English 4d) Wordister cannot in any way, lawful as non-lawful, be held responsible for images uploaded by users. 4e) All images uploaded by users, are the users sole responsibility. 5. Account 5a) All accounts must have a usable email. 5b) Only one account is allowed per user and email. 5c) You must be of the age of 18+ to obtain an Wordister account. 5d) Activation of account is done via email. 6. Behavior 6a) Threatening, abusive language or any other terms of bad behavior, will result in deactivation of your account and banning your email. 7. Technical 7a) Wordister cannot be held responsible for any technical issues related to Woridster.com. 8. Changes to Terms of use 8a) Wordister holds the right to change the terms of use, without notifying the users. 9. Privacy policy 9a) Wordister will not supply any third party with users information. 9b) Passwords are encrypted and is therefore not known by Wordister. 9c) Wordister may set and access Wordister cookies on your computer. 9d) To provide the best user experience, Wordister may store your IP address.